Saturday, 10 March 2018

Culbert Lake

Culbert Lake is named after which descendant of John Culbert & Mary Ward? Come back on Monday for the answer.

Culbert Lake is located in northern Manitoba, Canada near the border of Nunavut. Latitude: 59° 57' 58.5" (59.9662°) north. Longitude: 99° 3' 38.7" (99.0607°) west. Elevation: 315 meters (1,033 feet).

I asked the late Richard Revis "Dick" Culbert, a  geologist/geophysicist and great-great-grandson of John & Mary, if he could tell me anything about Culbert Lake. 

Dick responded, "It looks like it has some sort of causeway running across it, but that will be a feature known as a glacial esker."

I showed him this photo I found online of Culbert Lake, and asked him, "Isn't it beautiful?" ...

 ... and with typical Culbert humour he replied, "It is taken far enough from shore that you don't see the clouds of black flies and mosquitoes endemic to the region."

UPDATE: Culbert Lake is named after Flying Officer Frederick Campbell Culbert (1910-1943) of Manitoba.

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