Sunday, 18 November 2018

Where in the World?

Where in the world have you been?

The descendants of John Culbert and Mary Ward have enjoyed the opportunity to travel to the ends of the earth in search of adventure.

We'd like to know where your journeys have taken you; whether it's a trek across the globe or just a jaunt over the county line. 

Email a story of any length to me, describing your trip, and include a few photos.  I'll publish your travelogues from time to time here on the Culbert Family History blog.

Bon voyage!

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Grandparents and Grandchildren Photos

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos of Culbert descendants with their grandparents and grandchildren when I asked for them back in September. Are you ready to see them? Let's go!

Susan "Toots" Westell (the Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter) with her grandfather, Omar Westell of Kincardine, Ontario. Circa 1940.
Four generations of Westells! Left to right: Jack Westell, Omar Westell holding great-grandson Ian Westell, and Oran Westell. Summer 1948.
Oran Westell (son of Omar) & Jen (Russell) Westell with their grandchildren. Ian Westell on Oran's lap. Don Jarrell & his sister on Jen's lap. Circa 1950.

Jane (Fairhall) Culbert & Richard Culbert with their grandchildren (left to right) Alice Carscallen, Helen Carscallen, and Kay Carscallen. Lucan, Ontario. c1920.

Hulda May (Culbert) Carscallen & Rev. Charles Rupert Carscallen with their grandchildren. Whitby, Ontario. 1948.

Effie Pearl (Taylor) Culbert & Myron Manford Culbert with their grandson, Michael Manford Culbert (1952-1978). Photo taken c1954.

Myron Culbert & Effie (Taylor) Culbert with their grandchildren, Wayne Culbert (left) and Marilyn Culbert. Photo taken at the Culbert homestead (Poplar Farm) near Lucan, Ontario. September, 1945.

Myron Culbert & Effie (Taylor) Culbert with their grandson, Phil Culbert. 1950.

Left to right: Elvira (Hutchings) Culbert & Ivan Culbert with their grandson, Brad Culbert and Brad's father, Phil Culbert.  London, Ontario. 1969.

Ivan Culbert with grandchildren Brad Culbert & Tara Culbert. London, Ontario. Summer 1978. (Back in the days of rotary telephones and indoor smoking.)

Angie & Phil Culbert with grandson, Lincoln Phillip Tait. 2018.
Ian Culbert with just some of his grandchildren. You're going to need a bigger chair, Ian.

Ian Culbert wrangling cats, er, grandchildren.

Thanks, everybody!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

George Victor Culbert (1897-1976)

All aboard!

This photo shows George Victor Culbert on "his last run" with the Canadian National Railway (C.N.R.) in October, 1962.
George Culbert (far left) as he arrived into the Mildmay C.N.R. depot on "his last run." Image found on All Things Howick Facebook page, published on 12 Oct 2018.

George Victor Culbert was born 8 November 1897 in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. He was the second of seven children born to Joseph Henry Culbert and Edith Sophia Swalwell. 

George Victor Culbert's parents, Joseph Henry Culbert & Edith "Dolly" Swalwell and their cat in 1935. Photo courtesy of Nena Henriksen.

George Culbert was a farmer until about 1924 when he got a job with the C.N.R., working there for 38 years before his retirement in 1962. For the latter 24 of those years, he was a section foreman.

The Mildmay CNR train station as it looked in 1968, six years after George's retirement. John D. Thompson photo

In 1929, George married Elderenia Mildred Leake (also known as Allie) and they had six children. 

George and Allie moved from Kincardine to Ripley in 1930; and from Ripley to Mildmay in 1938.

George Culbert died 20 July 1976, age 78, and is buried in Mildmay United Church Cemetery, also known as St. Paul's Cemetery, located on Highway 9 in Bruce County. 

Although this was the end of the line for George, his descendants live on. George's eldest child, Victor Boyd Culbert (born c1931) died in 2017 in Walkerton but some of George's other children are still with us. If you're a descendant of George Culbert or know how I might get in touch with his descendants, please let me know.
Photo by abrown at BillionGraves

George Victor Culbert's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward  (great-grandparents)
Henry Culbert & Margaret Wall (grandparents)
Joseph Henry Culbert & Edith Sophia Swalwell (parents)

Monday, 12 November 2018

The Taylor Family

Several readers of the Culbert Family History blog (including me) are descendants of Myron Manford Culbert (1884-1961) of Biddulph Township near Lucan, Ontario. That means you're also descendants of Myron's wife, Effie Pearl Taylor (1886-1957). 
Myron Culbert and Effie Taylor's wedding day, 14 June 1911. Photo courtesy of Jane (Gras) Heigis.

Effie was born and raised on a farm east of Exeter, Ontario in Usborne Township, Huron County but her roots go back to Norfolk, England. Her great-grandparents, John Taylor and Mary Clark of Snettisham immigrated to Canada in 1836, four years before the Culberts came to Canada. The Taylors settled in Pickering Township which was at that time a wilderness, east of Toronto, Ontario.

Around 1855, Effie's grandparents, John Taylor and Margaret Jane Mason moved from Pickering Township to Usborne Township where Effie was born. 
Effie Pearl (Taylor) Culbert (1886-1957)

I've started a blog called Taylor Family Roots to document the Taylor family, just as I've done for our Culbert family. Like our Culbert family, the Taylor family has several branches and countless descendants. 

There's not much to see on the blog yet because I've been so busy with the Culbert blog. However, those of you who are descendants of Effie Pearl (Taylor) Culbert might be interested to read about this other side of your family history. I'll gradually post more there as time goes by. Click here if you're interested.

And for those of you who aren't Taylor descendants, I'll be back here soon with more Culbert stories for you.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Culbert Descendants of the First World War

Many of them were young, single, and fresh off the farm. Some had never travelled outside their county let alone outside their country.

These descendants of John Culbert and Mary Ward, like so many other men of their generation signed up to fight for King and Country in the First World War (1914-1918). 100 years have passed since the signing of the Armistice that ended the fighting.

Earlier this week, you met Elmer McFalls, a Culbert descendant from Exeter, Ontario who was killed in action at Passchendaele, just a few weeks before the war ended. He was 20 years old.

The following is an alphabetical list of Culbert descendants who enlisted during WW1 and survived the horrors of the trenches. There may be more Culbert descendants who enlisted but these are the names I was able to find. I don’t have details for each man’s service but in a war where soldiers were desperately needed, it’s most likely that all or most of them were sent overseas.

Some of these men are your ancestors; all of these men are your relatives. They’ve long since passed away but here on the Culbert Family History blog, we will remember them.

Sergeant Harry Heber Brock of Detroit, Michigan was born 1 August 1890 in Arva, Ontario. He moved from Canada to the United States in 1916. Harry signed up for duty on 27 Sep 1917. Harry Brock was a carpenter at the time, and single. His younger brother, Lorne Brock also enlisted, in Canada. Harry served with Battery "C" of the 330th Field Artillery. In 1920 he married Helen Alice Greiner. They had two daughters. Harry Brock went on to become a foreman at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit. Harry died age 46 in 1936 from pneumonia at the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit. He is buried at Assumption Grotto Cemetery in Detroit. Although his signature (above) looks like his middle name is Hebor, he signed it Heber on his Naturalization declaration, and his birth registration lists him as Harry Heber Brock.
Family Tree for Harry Heber Brock:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Susan Culbert & Philip Crawley (grandparents)
Rebecca Crawley and William H. Brock (parents)

Regimental number: 3135167.
Private Lorne George Brock of Lobo, Ontario was the younger brother of Harry Heber Brock (above.) Lorne enlisted on 14 May 1918. Born 29 June 1895 in Ilderton, Ontario, Lorne Brock was a farmer at the time, and single. In 1924, he married Margaret Cameron of Ripley, Ontario and they had four children: Jean Brock, William Murray Brock, and two other daughters. He became a mechanic. He died age 57 in 1952 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Section D, in London, Ontario.
Family Tree for Lorne George Brock:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Susan Culbert & Philip Crawley (grandparents)
Rebecca Crawley and William H. Brock (parents)

Regimental number: 3208203
Private John Chester Culbert of Calgary, Alberta (known as Ches) signed up in the early part of 1918. Born 17 December 1891 in Biddulph Township near Lucan, Ontario, Ches Culbert was a 27-year-old barber at the time, and single. (His birth document lists his birth year as 1891 but his Attestation Papers and his headstone say 1890.) He enlisted with the 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment of the Army. The same year that he signed up, he married Marie McHugh. They had two children: Maurice Culbert and John Chester Culbert, Jr. (aka Jack Culbert.) After the war, Ches owned and operated a barber shop. Later in life, he became a taxation officer. He died age 78 in 1969 and is buried in Burnsland Cemetery, Calgary.
Family Tree for John Chester Culbert
John Culbert & Mary Ward (grandparents)
Joseph Culbert & Eliza Dempster (parents)

Regimental number: 3135563
John Earl Culbert enlisted in May, 1918. Born 2 March 1896 in Ripley, Ontario, John Culbert was a 22-year-old farmer, and single. On 23 December 1919, he married Jennie Etta Hodgins. They had four children: Eugene Earl Culbert, Lawrence Burton "Larry" Culbert, Roberta "Beth" (Culbert) Daley, and Etta Irene "Helen" Culbert. He died age 69 in 1965 and is buried in Ripley Cemetery in Ripley, Ontario.
John Earl Culbert's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Henry Culbert & Margaret Wall (grandparents)
John Silas Culbert & Elizabeth Needham (parents)

Lieutenant John Victor Culbert. Photo courtesy of Jane (Gras) Heigis.
Lieutenant John Victor Culbert of London, Ontario signed up in 1917. Born 4 December 1885 in Granton, Ontario, Victor Culbert was a mining engineer, and single. Victor never married. He lived in Toronto with his late brother Milton Culbert's widow, Laura (Yeo) Culbert.  He died age 77 in 1963.
John Victor Culbert Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (grandparents)
Thomas Culbert & Letitia Dempster (parents)

Regimental number: 3135564
Lorne Henry Culbert of R.R. #3 Ripley, Ontario signed up on 16 May 1918. Born 13 July 1896 in Ripley, Lorne Culbert was a 21-year-old, single farmer. Lorne never married. His father died when he was a boy so he took over the family farm as soon as he was old enough to do so. In his retirement years, Lorne and his sister, Eva Gladys Culbert moved to Ripley. He died age 71 in 1968 and is buried in Ripley Cemetery alongside his sister.
Lorne Henry Culbert Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Henry Culbert & Margaret Wall (grandparents)
William Culbert & Rachel Harris (parents)

Regimental number: 3135565
Lot Ezra Culbert of R.R. #4 Ripley, Ontario signed up on 16 May 1918. Born 8 January 1896 in Bruce Township, Huron County, Ontario, Lot Culbert was a 22-year-old, single farmer. He returned from overseas in 1919. In 1921 he married Utha Welsh. They had one child: Murray Allison Culbert. Both Lot and his wife became teachers. They lived at Lot 13, Concession 8 in Huron Township until 1955 when they moved to Ripley. He died age 85 and is buried in Ripley Cemetery.
Lot Ezra Culbert's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Henry Culbert & Margaret Wall (grandparents)
Joseph Henry Culbert & Edith Sophia Swalwell (parents)

Regimental Number: 651893
Sapper Albert Hall (aka “Ab”) of Kincardine, Ontario signed up on 4 March 1916. His younger brother, Arthur Hall also served in WW1. Born 1 April 1884 in Kincardine Township, Albert Hall was a 31-year-old sailor, and single. In 1920, he married Alice Pearl McConnell. They had three children. Albert Hall died age 68 in 1952 and is buried in Kincardine Cemetery.
Albert Hall's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Elizabeth Culbert & Richard Dagg (grandparents)
Ann Jane Dagg & Charles Hall (parents)
Brothers-in-arms: Arthur Hall (left) and his brother, Albert Hall (right). Photo courtesy of Arthur's daughter, Lynda (Hall) Hunter.

Regimental number: 1025.
Major Arthur Hall (aka "Art") of Kincardine, Ontario (Albert's younger brother) signed up on 27 Oct 1914. Born 14 January 1889 in Kincardine, Art Hall was a 25-year-old, single painter. He served with The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (R.N.C.V.R.) Overseas Division as an Ordinary Seaman and was later ranked as Petty Officer. After three months of training with the British Navy, and Canada now fully involved in the war effort, he asked for a transfer into the Canadian Naval Service. He was assigned to different sea-going ships; Victory, Idaho, Vivid 111, and Niobe from November 29th, 1916 to April 5th, 1919.  In 1943, he married Roberta Iola Cowan. They had 3 children: Richard Douglas Hall, Donald Gary Hall, and Lynda Jane (Hall) Hunter. He died age 82 in 1971 and is buried in Kincardine Cemetery.
Arthur Hall's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Elizabeth Culbert & Richard Dagg (grandparents)
Ann Jane Dagg & Charles Hall (parents)
For more information about Art Hall, click here for a biography written by his daughter, Lynda (Hall) Hunter.

Regimental number: 829865
John Dufferin Hodgins (aka “Jack”) of Winnipeg, Manitoba signed up on 20 April 1916. Born 25 October 1884 in Biddulph Township, Ontario, Jack Hodgins was a 31-year-old lithographer, married to Missouri-born Ida Watkins. They adopted a son: John Dufferin Hodgins, Jr. who was born 17 November 1914. Later, they moved from Winnipeg to Calgary, Alberta, and then to Los Angeles, California. Jack Hodgins died age 39 in Los Angeles in 1924. He is buried in St. James Cemetery, Clandeboye near Lucan, Ontario. His widow remarried to Claude Johnson.
John Dufferin Hodgins Sr.'s Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Susan Culbert & Philip Crawley (grandparents)
Sarah Catherine Crawley & Samuel Hill Hodgins (parents)

Serial number: 3472
Etsol Phillip Morgan of Detroit, Michigan enlisted on 12 September 1918, along with his two younger brothers, Grafton and Thomas. Born 25 November 1877 in Biddulph Township near Lucan, Ontario, Etsol Morgan moved with his family to Flynn Township, Michigan when he was a boy. At the time of his enlistment, he was a 40-year-old self-employed baker, married since 1900 to Maggie Seymour. His bakery was located in Detroit's Broadway Market. He died age 44 in 1922 and is buried in Marlette City Cemetery in Marlette, Michigan. His name is spelled Edsel in his obituary but various official documents show his name as Etsol, as does his signature, above.
Etsol Phillip Morgan's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Susan Culbert & Philip Crawley (grandparents)
Elizabeth Crawley & Thomas Morgan (parents)

Serial number: 616
Grafton John Morgan of Sandusky, Michigan enlisted at the same time as his two brothers, Etsol and Thomas. Born 11 August 1881 in Biddulph Township near Lucan, Ontario, he moved with his family to Flynn Township, Michigan when he was a little boy. In 1905, he married Ella Maude Adair. They had two sons: Willard Scott Morgan and James Russell Morgan. Grafton was a farmer, a carpenter, and he worked for Chamberlain Elevator. His full name is sometimes listed as Grafton John Morgan and sometimes as John Grafton Morgan but he went by "Grafton." He died in Port Huron, Michigan, age 42 from pneumonia in 1923 and is buried in Marlette City Cemetery.
Grafton John Morgan's Family Tree is the same as Edsel's, above.

Serial number: 2980
Thomas Milton Morgan of Flynn Township, Michigan signed up at the same time as his older brothers, Edsel and Grafton. Born 12 April 1900 in Flynn Township, Michigan, Thomas Morgan was only 18 at the time he enlisted, and he worked as a farm labourer. In 1922, he married Christine Juhl. They lived on a farm south of Marlette, Michigan and had two children: Lois Jean Morgan and another daughter. Thomas was manager of the Sanilac County Conservation Office and the Marlette Township Treasurer. He died age 60 in 1961 and is buried in Marlette City Cemetery.
Thomas Milton Morgan's Family Tree is the same as that of his brother Edsel.

Oran Westell. Photo courtesy of Oran's grandson, Don Jarrell.
Cousins, Arthur Hall (left) & Oran Westell. Photo courtesy of Lynda (Hall) Hunter.

Regimental number: 53525
Oran Westell of Kincardine, Ontario signed up on 27 October 1914. Born 17 May 1891 in Clandeboye, north of Lucan, Ontario, Oran Westell was a 23 year old cook at the time, and single. Oran went overseas and amazingly, he survived a chlorine gas attack. While recuperating in Manchester, England from that chlorine gas attack, Oran met Jane "Jenny" Russell while rowing in Heaton Park. They married in Prestwich, Lancashire in 1919. They had three children: John Russell "Jack" Westell, Susan Lorena "Toots" Westell, and another daughter. Oran Westell was for many years the Kincardine Lighthouse Keeper. He died age 65 in 1955, the result of a car accident. He is buried in Kincardine Cemetery. You can read more about Oran Westell in this previous blog post.
Oran Westell's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Elizabeth Culbert & Richard Dagg (grandparents)
Susan Dagg & Omar Westell (parents)

Serial number: 41. Registration number: 137.
Private Miles Irving Whiteford of Hedrick, Iowa signed up in the USA on 5 June 1918. Born 6 August 1896 in Hawarden, Iowa, Irving Whiteford was 21 years old and single. His first wife was Ellen Murray and his second wife was Viola Pearl Lindsey. Later, he owned a meat market in Carroll, Iowa. He would enlist again years later in World War Two. Irving Whiteford died age 50 in 1947 and is buried in Section 36 of Graceland Cemetery in Webster City, Iowa.
Miles Irving Whiteford's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (great-grandparents)
Rebecca Ann Culbert & William Whiteford (grandparents)
William Henry Whiteford & Mary Jane Hout (parents)

100 years have passed since the signing of the Armistice that ended the fighting in WW1. Our relatives who served will not be forgotten. We will remember.