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Poplar Farm - The Culbert Homestead

Wondering about that big, brick house you see each time you click on the Culbert Family History blog?

For many years, the Culbert family lived in a log house on the Culbert homestead. Richard Culbert, the youngest son of John Culbert and Mary Ward was now in charge of the property. He had a wife and six children so the log house was still crowded. Richard set out to create this spacious, new, yellow brick house. Construction was completed around 1900 or earlier.

Jane (Fairhall) Culbert & Richard Culbert entering their house. We think this photo was taken between 1908-1913.

The house was built at a cost of $700.00. The building contract for the house was given by Richard Culbert to a man who boarded with them.

Richard dug the basement and hauled foundation stones. He cut trees from the bush, which he carted to a nearby sawmill, obtaining lumber for the house. Men were hired to help with the construction, and they boarded at the farm.

Richard planted a row of poplar trees along the path to the house, giving the property the name "Poplar Farm."

The house at Poplar Farm. Photo courtesy of Marilyn (Culbert) Harrison. (click to enlarge)

Behind the house is a barn and outbuildings. 

The property was passed down from father to son, through the generations. Owners of the property were, in order:

John Culbert 
Richard Culbert 
Myron Manford Culbert
Merton Manford "Mert" Culbert

Although Poplar Farm is no longer owned by Culbert descendants, the house still stands and is currently occupied. 

Unfortunately, that beautiful old veranda was torn down, as you can see, below... 

Mert Culbert (1926-1998) and his niece, Mary Jane Culbert on the front porch (minus the old veranda) in the 1990s. Mert was the last member of the Culbert family to own Poplar Farm. He was the grandson of Richard Culbert, who built the house. Mert was the great-grandson of John Culbert, the first owner of this property, purchased in 1840. The day this photo was taken, Uncle Mert and I had been invited by the owners to visit. They kindly gave us free rein of the house, barn, and property. It was wonderful to hear Uncle Mert reminisce about growing up in this house with his parents, Myron & Effie, and his five brothers.

Poplar Farm, 2004. Photo by Phil Culbert.

A collection of Culberts in front of the house at Poplar Farm, 2004.

That's a long driveway! You wouldn't want to shovel it but what a beautiful vista.

Photo by Terry Culbert

Poplar Farm is located on the Coursey Line between McGillivray Drive and Moorseville Drive, about three miles north of Lucan, Ontario.

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