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Descendants of Richard Culbert and Ann Jane Harlton

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We know that Richard Culbert & John Culbert were probably brothers. If you missed the post about Richard & Ann, click here.

This is a partial list of the descendants of Richard Culbert & Ann Jane Harlton. 

Please note that this list is incomplete and the dates have not been confirmed. There may be errors in this list so please confirm everything before adding this information to your family tree.


John Culbert (c1840-1874). Born in Ireland.

Elizabeth Culbert (aka Ettie and Eliza) (1842-1914). Born in Ireland.

Helen Culbert (c1844 - ?). Born in Biddulph Township, Ontario, Canada.

Sally Ann or Sarah Culbert (c1845 - ?). Born in Biddulph Township, Ontario, Canada.

Catherine Culbert (1850-1923). Born in Biddulph Township, Ontario, Canada.

Rebeccca Culbert (1854-1927). Born in Plympton Township, Lambton County, Canada.

William Culbert (1863-1935). Born in Plympton Township, Lambton County, Canada.


JOHN CULBERT (c1840-1874). Son of Richard & Ann.
No record of marriage or children.

ELIZABETH CULBERT (aka Ettie and Eliza) (1842-1914) Daughter of Richard & Ann. Elizabeth Culbert married Philip Dieterich Betz, a German-born farmer. They moved to Michigan. Elizabeth & Philip had 4 children:

Philip F. Betz. (1869-1955). Philip married Mary Vanhoutan and they lived in Michigan. Philip F. Betz & Mary Vanhoutan had a son: James Phillip Betz (1900-1991). James Phillip Betz married Leona Wilhelmina Boldt and they had 4 children: Elvin F. Betz (1924-2011), Irene Frances Betz (1933-2001), and two other children.

Alice Catharine Betz. (1871-1946). Alice married Daniel Lobdell Bale and they had 2 sons: Alton George W. Bale, Sr., (1892-1973) and Earl Hazen Pingree Bale (1894-1967). Alton George Bale, Sr. married Laura Amalia Meir and they had 2 children: Alton George Bale, Jr., and Muriel Ellen Bale who married Ferdinand Borino. Earl Hazen Pingree Bale married Viola Wilson and they had 6 children: Earl Hazen Bale, Jr., Eugene Phillip Bale, Charles Landers "Chuck" Bale, Alice Jane Bale, Dan Joseph Bale, and William Robert Bale.

Ella Betz (1874-1960). Single.

Eugene Clifford Betz.(1877-1956). Eugene married Matilda Julia Knapp and they had 2 children: Stanley Eugene Betz and Lucille Margaret Betz. Stanley married Marjorie Albrecht. Lucille married Joseph Dorr Kinney, Jr., and they had 4 children.

HELEN CULBERT (c1844-?). Daughter of Richard & Ann.
Helen may have died young. No records to show that she married or had children.

SARAH CULBERT, who may also have been known as Sally Ann Culbert (c1845-1910). Daughter of Richard & Ann. Sarah Culbert married Luther Martin Haughn, also spelled Hahn. Sarah and Luther lived in Toledo, Ohio. Sarah & Luther had 3 children:

Lydia Haughn (1869-1909). Lydia married Henry Adam Waltenburg or Waltenbury.

Ulysses Haughn (1873-1934). Ulysses married Lulu Maud Anderson and they lived in Sarnia. Ulysses & Lulu had 4 children: William Luther Haughn (infant death), Gladys Maude Haughn, Alice May Haughn, and Gordon Haughn. Gladys Haughn married Wilfred Earnest Aiken and they had 7 children. Alice Mary Haughn married Edward Thomas Avey and they had 4 children: Dorothy May (Avey) Regan (c1931-2002), Virginia Avey (1932-2005), Keith Avey (1940-2003), and Alex Avey (1945-2000).

Frederick Haughn or Hahn (c1891-1972). Frederick died in Virginia, USA.

CATHERINE CULBERT (1850-1923).  Daughter of Richard & Ann.
Catherine Culbert married Alexander Morden. Catherine & Alexander had 5 children:

George Alfred Morden (1874-1905)
George Alfred Morden married Ida Lois Anderson.

Frederick Alexander Morden. (1881-1882)
Richard Alfred Morden. (1884-1965)  
Richard Morden married Mabel Louise Elliott. Richard and Mabel had 3 children: John Allan Morden (1911-?); Dorothy Louise Morden (1913-1986) who married Eugene G. Stewart; and Elliott Laverne Morden (1920-1998). Elliott Morden married Stella Adelaide Bates and they had 2 children: Linda Joan Morden (1944-2015) and Richard Herbert Morden (1947-2004).

Rose Zelpha  Morden: (1886-c1952)
Rose Zelpha Morden married Henry William Walton. Rose Zelpha Morden & Henry Walton had 4 children:
Alfred Ardell Walton (1908-1967). Alfred married Ruth Cranmer.
Glayda Lucille Margaret Walton (1910-1993). Gladys married Ralph Sherrick. 
Roselle Alexandria Walton (1913-2000). Roselle's first husband was John Alexander McLeod with whom she had 4 children: a daughter, Eleanor Joyce McLeod (1947-1985) who married Paul Arthur Desrosiers, and three sons. Roselle's second husband was Evan Roy McBrayne.
Maizie Christine Walton (1918-1995). Mazie's first husband was Earl Johnston Eady with whom she had a child. Mazie's second husband was Herbert Laking with whom she had a child.

Alexander Lavergne Morden. (c1892-1974).
Alexander Morden married Marie Klassen. They lived in Wyoming, Ontario.
His second marriage was to Norella Winrow.

REBECCA CULBERT (1854-1927). Daughter of Richard & Ann.
Rebecca Culbert married David Manser. They lived in Sarnia, Ontario. Rebecca & David had 4 children:

Annie Laura Manser (1879-1957). Annie Laura married Samuel Gray Taylor and they had 2 children: Alma Leonora Taylor and Howard Franklin Taylor. Alma Leonara Taylor married Norman Eastwood (assistant construction supervisor of the Empire State Building.)

Franklin B. Manser (1882-1904). Died age 21, the result of a fall while working on the Grand Trunk Railway (G.T.R.)

Thomas Frederick Manser (1886-?) Thomas F. Manser married Margaret Isabel Sinclair and they lived in Sarnia, Ontario. Thomas & Margaret had 2 sons: Arthur Frederick Manser and Earl Lovelace Manser.

Randall Herbert Manser (1889-?). Randall Manser married Alice O'Donnell and they had 2 daughters: Marion Manser & Muriel Leona Manser.

WILLIAM CULBERT (1863-1935).Son of Richard & Ann.
Married Jane "Jennie" Thomas. They lived in London, Ontario. William died in Michigan. I have no record of children for this couple.

Wyoming, Ontario, Canada. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Of course, there are many more people to record but this gives you a general idea of the descendants of Richard Culbert & Ann Jane Harlton. DNA testing proves that Richard is related to my ancestor, John Culbert. Richard and John were most likely brothers as they purchased land next to each other in Biddulph Township in 1840. Later, Richard and his family later moved to Lambton County, Ontario where many of his descendants live. 

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