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Henry Culbert of Ripley, Ontario (1837-1920)

On March 27th this year, we welcomed the descendants of Henry Culbert and Margaret Wall to the Culbert Family History blog. Now let's learn a little more about Henry Culbert and his family.

Henry Culbert, 1913

Henry Culbert was the first-born son of John Culbert and Mary Ward. Born 17 March 1837 in Ireland, Henry was only three years old when he made the journey to Canada with his family, settling in Biddulph Township, Middlesex County near Lucan, Ontario on Lot 19, Concession 2 (The Coursey Line.)

The John Culbert-Mary Ward family c1865. Henry Culbert is in the back row, far left with his brothers.

Henry was the first of John and Mary's children to move away from Biddulph Township. I don't know what year he moved to Huron Township in Bruce County (known today as The Township of Huron-Kinloss) nor do I know why he moved away. I do know that he kept in touch with his family.

Old map of Huron Township, Bruce County

Henry lived at Lot 3, Concession 8 of Huron Township in Bruce County (near bottom left of map)

Henry married Margaret Wall on 25 January 1862 in Bruce County. Margaret (born 1838) was the daughter of pioneers Moses Wall and Ellen Greene. Moses, born in 1806 was one of several Walls who came to Canada from Tipperary, Ireland.

Henry and Margaret bought a 100 acre farm at Lot 3, Concession 8 in Huron Township, near Ripley, Ontario. 

Henry and Margaret had six children. They retired to Ripley in 1898.

Henry and Margaret retired to this house in Ripley at 63 Queen Street. Photo is recent and not taken when Henry and Margaret lived there.

The red marker indicates Ripley's location; southeast of Kincardine.

Henry is shown in the image below as one of Ripley's long-time residents...

"A Remarkable Group of Veteran Residents in Ripley, Ont." Photo published in The Globe newspaper on 8 March 1913. Henry Culbert is in the middle row, third from the left.

As you can see from the information on her death certificate below, Margaret (Wall) Culbert died 16 June 1917.

However, her headstone says 18 June 1917. Henry died three years later on 21 June 1920 and the funeral service was held at the home of his son, Thomas Ezra Culbert.

Henry Culbert and Margaret (Wall) Culbert are buried in Ripley Cemetery in Ripley, Ontario. Henry, his wife, Margaret, and five of their six children are buried in Ripley Cemetery. A daughter, Mary Marilla "Mame" (Culbert) Needham is buried in Kincardine Cemetery.

Note to genealogists: Henry Culbert's death certificate contains an error, saying his mother's name was Mary Dobbs. That is incorrect. Henry's mother's name was Mary (Ward) Culbert. Mary Ward had cousins by the surname Dobbs which may account for this error.


JOHN SILAS CULBERT (1863-1939). John married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Needham and they lived in Ripley. John and Elizabeth had a son, John Earl Culbert (1896-1965.)

Henry's son John Silas Culbert and his wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Needham) Culbert. Photo via Keith Inscho's Ancestry family tree.

JOSEPH HENRY CULBERT (1865-1943). Joseph married Edith "Dolly" Swalwell and they took over his parents' farm. Joseph and Edith had 7 children: Lot, George, Joseph, William, Elizabeth, Edith, and Norine.

Henry's son Joseph Henry Culbert, his wife Edith "Dolly" (Swalwell) Culbert, and their cat, in 1935. Photo courtesy of Nena Henriksen.

WILLIAM EDWARD CULBERT (1867-1903). William married Rachel Harris and they had 4 children: Lorne, Ina, Edna, and Eva.

MARY MARILLA "MAME" CULBERT (1869-1951). Mame married James Needham. Mame married her brother's wife's brother. Mame and James had one son: Harry Needham.

THOMAS EZRA CULBERT (1872-1949). Thomas married Sarah Ann Berry and they had 3 children: William, Walter, and Hazel.

ELLEN REBECCA "NELLIE" CULBERT (1875-1922). Nellie married William "Bill" Johnston and they had 4 children: Elliott, George, William, and Mayme.

Henry Culbert and Margaret Wall leave behind a staggering number of descendants. Since surnames change as descendants marry, you might not even be aware that Henry is your ancestor. Aside, from Culbert, some other surnames of Henry's descendants are: Ackert, Ariss, Arsenault, Barnett, Bell, Brown, Bruce, Buckles, Bullivant, Canning, Cathcart, Charles, Colwell, Daley, Davis, Dobbyn, Durrer, Eadie, Elliott, Fair, Flett, Forster, Gardiner, Guse, Hamer, Hanniman, Helm, Hodgins, Holroyd, Howe, Ireland, Johnston, Kirkland, Kummer, Langdon, MacLelland, Matheson, McColl, McKay, McLaughlin, Meyer, Mitchell, Morrison, Needham, Niesen, Patulski, Peterbaugh, Pletsch, Pollock, Poole, Reid, Roman, Scheurwater, Scott, Simpson, Sled, Smith, Somogyi, Travers, Vandenberg, Weber, Wiley, and many more!

Numerous descendants have chosen to remain in Bruce County but many have ventured further.

One blog post isn't enough to outline all the descendants of Henry Culbert and Margaret Wall. From time to time, I'll write about their various descendants.

If you have photos or stories to contribute about any of Henry's descendants (including yourself!) please email me at this address:
For futher reading about the Henry Culbert-Margaret Wall family, consult these books:
Descendants of Moses Wall and Ellen Greene compiled by the Wall Family History Committee and published by Skyway Printing, 1993.
Ripley 1875 – 1992: Huron’s Hub: People, Activities, Homes by Ripley Historical Group, 1994. 

The two books mentioned above are rich sources for information about Henry's descendants. Some descendants are also mentioned in the book below,
Toil, Tears & Triumph: A History of Kincardine Township by the Kincardine Township Historical Society, 1990. Wanita Fletcher, editor.

Henry Culbert's Family Tree:
John Culbert & Mary Ward (parents)
Descendants: (Children)
John Silas Culbert
Joseph Henry Culbert
William Edward Culbert
Mary Marilla "Mame" Culbert
Thomas Ezra Culbert
Ellen Rebecca "Nellie" Culbert

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